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Choosing the best laser printer for small office/home office is much easier if you know what you need from your printer. Single function monochrome simplicity and reliability is recommended for professionals working from home.

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Best laser printer working from home

Many of you are mobile employees or professionals with a home office. A multifunction laser printer may not be a good choice for your home office. If a hardware problem occurs you may not be able to use any of the functions.

All in One printers are best for light demands.

For office use you may be better off using specialized machines for each task, unless you can afford a top of the line All in One printer/copier designed for higher volumes.

I recommend a single function monochrome laser printer for professionals with a home office for several reasons:

  • It is now possible to find simple monochrome laser printers for very low prices and they are always on sale.
  • Most home offices and work groups do not require thousands of prints per day, so a slower printer will work just fine.
  • Color laser printers are more expensive to purchase and to maintain.
  • Most people do not ordinarily need color.

Print less-be more effective

Some laser printers allow users to print to file and save emails as PDF documents.

The advantage of this type of software is that you have no need to print and save paper copies of emails to and from your clients.

Simply print to your client's file electronically and it saves as a PDF file. Not only do you save paper and toner, but you also save on storage space and time.

Additionally, it is possible to locate archived client documents quickly. No need to look through boxes of paper storage.

Your All in One printer may also have fax capabilities however, consider utilizing a service such as eFax. The service is inexpensive and you get a fax number for sending and receiving faxes.

eFax is especially useful for the traveling professional. Incoming faxes come in as email with a PDF attachment.

You can receive and send faxes from anywhere, anytime. Sharing faxes is as easy as forwarding email, and the PDF format is perfect for storing and sharing. You also save print costs.

Most business printing is monochrome, and not everyone needs or wants a multifunction or All in One laser printer.

Single function monochrome is the best laser printer for your needs if you require mostly text documents or spreadsheets.

Single Function Best Monochrome Laser Printers

Most first time buyers are more likely to buy an All in One printer and those with single function printers are more likely to upgrade to an AiO printer.

All in One laser printers can help secure your information. Paper prints are the least secure form of information. Some multifunction printers can save incoming faxes as email.

All in One Monochrome Best Laser Printers

When color is required, consider an auxiliary inexpensive inkjet printer or save files to a removable drive and take it to Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Fedex Office, or other quality copy center for color prints.

  • Color toner cartridges are more expensive than black cartridges, and typically do not last as long.
  • Monochrome best laser printers typically provide years of trouble-free service.

Color Laser Printers

Consider a business-class inkjet printer or color laser printer if you regularly print a high number of color prints.

Color laser printers have a black development unit like a monochrome laser printer plus three color development units. Cyan (blue-ish), Magenta (red-ish), and Yellow.

Best All in One Color Laser Printers

Single Function Best Color Laser Printers

Color laser printers have more moving parts and more electronic parts. More parts = more maintenance and cost.

Consider the long-term costs of replacing printer toner cartridges, imaging units, fusing units, transfer belt units, waste toner containers, and other laser printer consumables.

Some laser printer parts and consumables are not user-replaceable so cost can increase quite sharply.

Consider consumables pricing and page yields to find the best laser printer for your print volume and graphics requirements.

Toner yields are based on 5% to 6% toner coverage (about 27 lines of type).

Most people are surprised when they run out of toner after only printing 1/3 or 1/2 of the published page yield.

Scour all available information including customer reviews to choose the best laser printer for your operating system, network, and security requirements.

Precision Roller – Think Ink, Toner & More!

To compare laser-class printers with inkjet printers, take a look at our pages on the Best Inkjet Printers. You will enjoy lower total cost of ownership versus laser printing, especially at high print volumes.

Some inkjet printers offer 50% lower total cost of ownership versus laser printing, better photo quality, and laser-class speed.

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